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Hello, my name is Arsenii Tverdokhleb. I have around eight years of work experience in the area of IT development. In the beginning, I wrote in such languages as C/C++/C#/Delphi and 1C. Six years ago I have started looking into web development. At that time my friend worked as a freelancer and I started to help him in the small projects, it was basically creating a responsive and cross-browser web design. I like web development became more interesting and more demanded in business and anyone can see the result of your work. I have learned quickly HTML, CSS, and the basics of JavaScript and jQuery. I have got a job in web studio in Poltava city "Apes-at-Work". There I worked with many projects in the small team and by myself. There I became acquainted with AngularJS and my world turned over. I began to take projects that were exclusively on this framework and I learned the style guides and best practices of
famous people such as John Papa, Todd Motto, Minko Gechev and etc. Then I moved to Kyiv city to ind a job in a good IT company. Because I know that in Kyiv there are a lot of IT companies where I could improve my skills. Then I started to work in the "Skywell" company, where we were working on different projects. Then Google began to release the Angular2 release candidates. Then I saw all advantages of Angular2 and TypeScript and when a stable version was released I began to write small production projects with this framework. Everything was going well and I completely switched to Angular2. Also around half of a year, I worked in the company "LocalTeam" from Denmark, where I did technical interviews with FE developers for remount work or relocation of work in Denmark. Unfortunately, there were no FE developers higher than junior at that work. Then I have proposed a vacancy in the "CallWay" company in a small team with ive Seniors who have over ten years of work experience with such technologies as .Net and Angular. I accepted the invitation and I worked in a professional team. Where I had possibilities to advance my skills and get experience from more experienced developers. Two years ago I moved to a company called "RinfTech" for working with client Extend Retail. There I'm working with guys from Norway. We are developing several solutions in the retail sphere, we cover all processes regarding retail from creating orders, their picking in-store to delivery to the inhale customer.
Professional skills:
Angular, Flutter, .Net Core, AngularJS, TypeScript, Dart, HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript/ES, REST, GraphQL, C#, RxJS, SOLID, HTTP, SQL, MongoDB, Unit Testing, GIT, TFS, Design Patterns.
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (pre-intermediate/intermediate)


  • Ukranian - Продвинутый / Свободный
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