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I help startup and product owners to create their digital products starting from quote assessment, preparing prototypes, working on the frontend, mobile and backend technologies. I prefer to use the best tool for the job. React.js for the rich interactive client-side application. Ruby on Rails for backend MVPs and simple websites. Elixir or Node.js when backend should be fast. Python when the project will have data analytics. React Native to speed up the mobile application development cycle and to craft micro interactions faster. I have a team of more than 3 dedicated word class engineers, and we've already made more than 10 projects. If you are a start-up or established product company and looking for the right development partner - I can help you from the beginning with 3 simple steps: - Explore - we will sit together and explore your idea - Make - our dedicated team will execute the plan we will set up on the previous step - Iterate - We will do another path of the cycle, revealing more possibilities to grow your business And yep. I can't overcome the passion to make everything I touch better. One step in a time. And a small step. Valuable step. Removing waste. Eliminating bottleneck. Advancing.

Professional skills:

Javascript, Ruby, Python, HTML, SQL, MySQL, Git, HTML5, R, CSS, Linux, Node.js, AngularJS, React.js, CSS, Figma, QA Engineering, BLAST, Clustalw , Scop, Lalign, Paper processing, Blackbox testing, Clojure, Scheme, Computational Biology, Modeling logic of complex biological system, Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, Software development.


Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (Upper Intermediate), German (Upper Intermediate).


  • Ukranian - Продвинутый / Свободный
  • German - Начинающий / Элементарный
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