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Professional skills:
✦ JavaScript:
✧ Generally: deep understanding of concepts of programming;
✧ Wide experience at mobile JS-apps development;
✧ Experience at "embedded" JS (Android WebView/IOS WebView);
✧ Graphics programming for Web: strong Canvas2D skills (Pure JS/Pixi.js), advanced WebGL skills (Three.js, Babylon.js);
✧ Confident understanding of OOP principles (Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation; Objects, Classes, Abstract Classes, Interfaces);
✧ WebGL: WebGL, Transformation Matrices, 3D geometry, shaders (GLSL).
✧ Async JavaScript: WebWorkers, ServiceWorkers, Events.
✧ Strong HTML/CSS skills;
✧ Great experience at "Out-of-browser" Javascripting (Node.js, Electron);
✧ Solid knowledge of features of actual JavaScript engines - V8, Gecko, Chakra, SquirrelFish;
✧ Modular JavaScript. AMD, CommonJS, Vanilla ES6 modules;
✧ CPU/GPU usage optimization, RAM consumption opt.; Performance-critical apps development;
✧ Experience at hybrid iOS application development (JS part).
✧ Well-oriented in other languages, technology stacks;
✧ APIs, Documentations, Tests etc;
✧ Experimantal technologies: WebAssesmbly, OffscreenCanvas;
✦ Miscellaneous
✧ App-protection system design experience. Cryptography.
✧ Operating systems. Linux/Windows. Shell-scripting. Linux architecture and philosophy;
✧ Additional: growing skills at Android Development. Understanding Android app architechture. Experience at hybrid (both JavaScript and Java) and native (Java/Kotlin) android application development.
✧ Extensive experience at "Research & Development";
✧ NN: understanding of Neural Networks principle of operation and architecture. Experience at development of experimental solutions: self-made network, synapticjs, brainjs; Nvidia Cuda, Nvidia cuDNN.
✧ Experience with Big Data analysis solutions.
✧ Great experience at self-studying
Ukrainian (fluent), Russian (fluent), English (Intermediate)

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