Technical Leader, Architect, Resource Manager

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14 years in IT and Java: design, development, research and management.  
I’m a result-oriented professional with advanced communication skills and can-do attitude. I have outstanding analytical and problem solving skills, as well as clear understanding of development processes.  
Being proactive I was recognized as a leader starting from my very first employments. Advanced knowledge of Scrum and CI/CD practices allows me to set up right processes in the team(s), so that scope of projects become transparent and predictable and delivery goes smooth.
Technically, I have experience in implementation of:  - responsive, component-based front end - scalable, secured, fast and reliable backend. 
Object oriented programming, design patterns, coding styles, test driven development help me to support a code in a great condition.
Available for travelling to EU, USA and other countries. I fluently speak English.
Have experience in multi tenant SaaS solutions. The latest experience is related to eCommerce. Max team size I managed is 20 people.
Professional skills:
Programming languages​:​ Java, SQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Dart, Groovy, etc.
Most relevant frameworks and libraries: 
  • J2EE (JSP, Servlets, Web/REST Services, JDBC, Java Mail, JTA, JPA, etc)
  • Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Integration (Batch), Spring Messaging, Spring MVC, JSR303 and Spring Validation, Spring Data (JPA, Mongo), Spring Tests, Spring Security, etc. 
  • Hibernate, MyBatis, Morphia
  • Activiti Framework (BPMN)
  • WebSockets, Atmosphere, SockJS, Stomp, 
  • JUnit, TestNG, EasyMock, Mockito,
  • GWT, JQuery, Sencha
  • SAP Hybris eCommerce
  • SAP DataHub 
I’ve read books and/or participated in projects with technologies: 
·React.JS, Angular.JS, Vue.js
·Google App Engine, JDO
·Apache Lucene, SOLR
·Apache Axis, 
·RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ
Many other oldschool frameworks like Struts, JSF, Burlap, DWR, etc And classical libraries like sl4j, Guava, Apache (Commons, Collections, etc)
I used to be Eclipse-guy but last 5 years I’ve been using IntelliJ IDEA.  
As for Application/Web Server usually it’s Apache Tomcat, but did some projects with Oracle WebLogic and Jetty.
Use GIT (GitHub, Bitbucket) but also have experiences with old systems like: SVN, AccuRev, Perforce, etc.
When it comes to RDBMS, usually it’s MySQL. But did projects on PostgreSQL, Oracle and others. As for NoSQL, I have experience with MongoDB.
Build system is almost always Maven, with some exceptions like Ant, Ivy. Build system is Jenkins. Production and test environments are always on Linux OS.
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (fluently)

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