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Passionate WEB Architect with rich Java full stack background. I'm focusing on following and sharing the best practices in software development.
Using KISS GRASP and SOLID daily doing my job, I wrapped up several java projects from scratch as well as digged in legacy projects to implement all the required from business needs.
Good in unix, networking and shell scripting, experienced in TLS and SSL stuff, I may adjust any kind of environment or CI for the team.
As an engineer I'm aware of measure things and seeding value onto project backlog, experienced in real-time messaging, scalable, high available and high load systems with sweet and lightweight front-end.
I prefer agile practices and commitment by all means. Have successfully throw in the codegen tool (Swagger) onto one of my project, that decrease development time cost over 30%. I also prefer distributed and lightweight micro services to the monolithic application servers.
Happy user and independent researcher of AWS and Docker.
Having experience in mentoring and scrum mastering of the distributed multilingual agile team (Egypt, Georgia, US, India), I'l be ok to act as 60/40% architect/scrum-master.
Professional skills:
JavaScript frameworks: NodeJS, AngularJS, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Mongo scripting;
Java frameworks:
Front End: JSF (JSP, Reach Faces, Prime Faces)
Integration: Spring, Spring Boot, Jboss Seam, Apache Camel
Servlets: Apache CXF, Jboss RestEasy, Oracle Jersey, Apache Spark
DI: Java CDI API, Spring Context/Beans, Apache Blueprint, Google Guice
Data HTTP bindings: Soap(JaxB); Rest(Jackson, Gson)
Java Enterprise runtime:
ESB (OSGI): Apache Karaf, Jboss Fuse
Java App. Servers: Jboss AS, Jboss EAP
Servlet Containers: Jetty, Tomcat
HTTP Servers: Apache, Grezzly
XMPP Servers: Vysper, Openfire
SMPPSim server;
Bindings/ORM: Jpa, Hibernate, Spring Data, Morphia (Mongo ODM)
Sql: Oracle, SqlServer, MySql, PostgreSQL
NoSql: Mongo, Cassandra, InfluxDB
Index Engine: Apache Solr (full text search)
Build Tools:
Ant, Maven, Grunt, Drools, FortifyUtills, Swagger, AWS Code-Pipeline
JUnit, Arquilian, PAX-web, Jacoco, Soap/LoadUI, Selenium, JMH;
Jconsole, Visual VM, Jolokia, Howtio, Kibana, Datadog
Dev Ops:
AWS (EC2, CLI, S3, Route53, Bastion); Docker, Jenkins, Teamcity, Nexus, Ancible, bash scripting).
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (upper-intermediate).


  • Ukranian - Продвинутый / Свободный
  • Russian - Продвинутый / Свободный
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