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Professional skills:
C++/C++11: Cross-platform development, application optimization, code support, multithreading, templates. Developed C++ class binder to LUA. At the free time worked on framework: https://github.com/iziCode/easy-x/tree/developer (I haven’t contribute it for a long period of time, but those sources can be used as my code style example)
Qt: Good knowledge of framework, development of non trivial application components such as animation panel and assets explorer. Applying of custom stylesheets and different customizations. Extending dock widget functionality to match designer's mockup. UI and unit tests development. Marmalade 2D Kit Editor developer. 
Unity3D: Games development, development of custom plugins for parsing and importing psd files, video playback to texture on iOS, Flurry analytics, iOS In App purchases, Lua scripts. 
Lua: perfect knowledge of Lua scripting language, development of C++ code binders, modules to support OOP at Lua, scripting of game logic, etc.. Contributed to Marmalade Quick
Win API: IO Completion Port for scalable game server and events queue for threads, work with windows, registry, clipboard
Cocoa API: Development of iOS low level layer for cross-platform 2D Game Engine. 
Visual Studio/Xcode: Development of visualisers for custom classes, Pre-Build/Post-Build events и Custom Build Tools. 
OpenGL: Good API knowledge, development of multithreaded rendering that supports auto-batching of draw calls. 
GLSL: Simple shaders, shaders for simple post effects like Blur, Negative, Sepia, etc. 
OpenAL: Development of multithreaded sound system. 
 Usage of 3rd-party libraries: zlib, pnglib, libjpeg, box2d, libcurl, FreeImage, libOAuth, libvorbis, libtheora, libogv.


Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (intermediate)

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