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Full-stack developer (JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, etc.) + DevOps with practical experience in several IT areas.
I've started my professional career in a far 2003 on a position of "Systems Engineer" and was involved in a continuous code development/improvement/upgrade of city-wide client-server system used for collecting, sorting/grouping, processing and reporting of the utilities payments data. There were many technologies used but the key roles were played by (in order of being in development): FoxPro, dBase, SQL, HTML, ASP, JavaScript. Also most parts of the system infrastructure components were sagnificantly improved and upgraded to run as the Visual FoxPro desktop applications with modern windows-styled interfaces built from set of visual components.
At present I have advanced knowledge of 5+ programming languages (JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Perl, ASP, Visual FoxPro) and related fields (OS Linux, Bash-scripting, HTML, CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, Redis, RabbitMQ, Git, Nginx, Apache, etc.). Websites creation, OpenSource projects deployments, applications development, building, testing and improvement - these are the number of skills every day I'm work with and in what I'm improving my abilities constantly.
During last few years I have been working mostly as a back-end and in few projects - as a front-end developer also. I am passionate about clean and elegant code. Have a lots of experience in production of high-loaded modern web systems. Strongly believe that making useful services with usable and friendly interfaces is awesome!

Language Capabilities:
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (upper-intermediate)

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