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Professional skills and knowledge:

Managing software (mdadm) and hardware (LSI, Adaptec, HP Smart Array) RAID arrays (in most cases RAID1 and RAID5/6). Managing hosting servers (Cpanel and Enkompass), web servers (in most cases Nginx as reverse proxy+Apache or Nginx+PhpFPM), database servers (MySQL), mail servers (smtp - postfix or exim, pop3/imap – roundcube, web interface), troubleshooting services, bugs, issues. Have experience with rack install in our Data centres. Managing core level and distributed level network infrastructure. Know basic concepts about optical fiber and equipment for them.

Currently I'm developing own cloud infrastructure management based on saltstack  and scripting languages. VPS virtualizations is OpenVZ and KVM (trough libvirt). OpenVZ – using precreated templates, KVM – using autoinstall (ks for RH based, preseed for Debiab based).

I've developed own DDOS protection for customer web sites (upon request). Protection based on FreeBSD (better network perfomance as compared with Linux) and SEnginx. Dummy (no session support, ip hash etc) load balancing with BGP (each server has BGP session with core router). Firewall filter (src ip based) and L7 filter (JS/SWF cookie mechanism, ip+user-agent limitations, naxsi WAF and other security modules).

I'm a maintainer for some ALT Linux packages (building packages from source and then packaging into rpm). 

RPM spec is almost same as RH-based distors, some sort of syntax modifications.

Packages building in hasher (simple chroot with needed packages for building) and source code under git (git.altlinux.org)

Deployed 2 monitoring systems  – OpenNMS (java based) for servers and Zabbix for network devices. Also have some experience with Icinga but it was long time ago.

Configured Vinput monitoring for UPS (APC). Simple bash based script but working fine.

Have experience with IPS/IDS Suricata. Not in production mode. We still not determined whether it is good for us.

Extended and improved backup infrastructure. We using bacula to backup all our servers (we calling then HN – hardnodes) with VPS (KVM and OpenVZ). Backup schedule – saturday full backup and any other day incremental/differential backups. With this schedule we can restore backup for any day and got disk usage optimization.

Language Capabilities:

Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (upper-intermediate).

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