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Professional skills:

Objective C:

I have solid knowledge of Objective C, ‘cause I’ve been working with Objective C since 2009, and I have noninterrupted experience during last 7 year. At this time, I was participating and completed many different projects. Some of them have significant auditory and details about them listed below.


KEYPR guest experience and

digital key application

This application is written on Objective C and has a lot of features, like digital key support and dining/room service. It is intended for those who travels around the world and stays in different hotels. We support reservation import, door opening with BLE, and many other features. Since I’ve joined to the project, we’ve significantly improved the app by integrating more interactive features like express checkin and check-out, folio support, many different lock vendors support. For now, we have 1000 open doors events per month, and every month this number grows by 80%. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keypr-guest-app/



This mobile application is iPad only application and it’s my pet project. It’s an interactive book reader for small kids. The books are available to purchase and restore as inapp purchases and they are downloadable content. The reader engine supports audio soundtracks and images with subtitles and based on UIPageViewController. The application has more than 100 thousands of downloads and in 2011 was the topmost application in Russian AppStore market in book category. For now, it still has active auditory of 15000 subscribers, and 500 active users every month. I’m only the one developer who support iOS application and work on the backend. This is my pet project https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/detskaa-biblioteka/id419884871?mt=8

Viewster iOS application

This is main iOS application for Video-On-Demand provider Viewster.com. I’ve been involved as architect in order to consult about this application. This helped to find all the weakness of the app and quickly fix them (in one week, we’ve fixed all of the crashes and significantly raised productivity and stability of the app). During my participation, rating of the app raised from 2.5 to 4.5 points on the market. This project had 30000-50000 active user sessions per month.


ViewsterHorror iOS application

This is promotional application for Viewster.com. I’ve developed it from scratch in order to get new platform for upcoming iOS applications for Viewster.com. So, the app is based on JSON/REST WEB-services, works with huge amount of data asynchronously and displays the video as streaming content and advertisements. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/viewster-horror-free-movies/id936761210?mt=8



Holdsport is an application to help coaches and team administrators to maintain their daily tasks such meetings, event calendar and much more. It’s every day assistant for team sport activities. Technically, this application has been developed as a native iOS application with JSON-based communications over HTTP/HTTPS with the backend.

Agnitio iPlanner



This is an application for CLM companies as medical retailers are. I was responsible for maintaining existing code and integration new functionality (Bayer CRM data) with this solution.

Agnitio iDocs



iDocs is a supplement application to the Agnitio iPlanner and intented to browse content libraries for CLM-marketing. I was participating in development of multiply libraries functionality and bug fixing


Advanced knowledge. I’ve started to work with Swift since may 2018, and participated in 2 different project based on Swift. I’ve done few times migrations of Swift code from 2.0 to 3.x version, and then onto 4.x Also we’re using RxSwift on the current project and I’m very familiar with that technology.


KEYPR mobile key SDK

In order to integrate digital key features in 3rd party applications, we’ve developed Mobile Key SDK which

allows developers from 3rd party integration companies to implement digital key features as simple as possible. I’ve participated in this project as one of two team members who have been working on SDK. We have implemented it with RxSwift library.


Glomex iOS SDK

I’ve taken a part in this SDK project as one of two team member who was working on that. We have implemented features like HLS streaming and AV player support, video

ads integrations support via Google IMA and many more (custom asynchronous networking, JSON validation etc).


Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (Advanced)

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