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Senior Swift / Objective-C / iOS Developer and Architect. More than 9 years of successful experience in iOS. I gained my skills by working with qualified specialists. Gained experience working with basic tools thanks to the good relations of the employers and responsible performance of my work.

Technical Skills:
✓ Solid understanding of the iOS SDK and Xcode tools
✓ Argumented reality
✓ Networking, REST APIs and OAuth
✓ Firebase, AFNetworking, Social / Auth
✓ Databases
✓ Geolocation
✓ Apple Maps, Google Maps SDK
✓ Multithreading
✓ Photo/Video capturing
✓ UX/UI Design
✓ Push Notifications
✓ Apple Foundation Frameworks
✓ (Facebook, Google...) SDKs and many other

Provided architectural solutions with:
✓ Viper
✓ Application Coordinator.

Nice knowledge with git and project tracking tools such as:
✓ Git
✓ GitLab, GitHub
✓ Jira
✓ TeamWork and other.

I enjoy ‍working and meeting business people around the world. I enjoy ‍finding great clients and providing great service to them.
All the new technologies excite me. I love working and I am always looking forward to the next project and the next challenge.
Professional skills: Objective-C, Swift. Twitter API, Facebook Graph API, VK Sdks. Frameworks (iOS): AVFoundation, MediaPlayer, Foundation, AudioToolbox, MapKit, MessageUI, UIKit, CoreAudio, CoreText, CoreLocation, QuartzCore, Cocos2D. Core Data Third party libraries (such as AFNetworking...) HTTP, REST, JSON, XML, SVN, Git, Unity (basic), C/C++ (basic), SQL, SQLite.
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (Upper-Intermediate)


  • Ukranian - Продвинутый / Свободный
  • Russian - Продвинутый / Свободный
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