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Passionate T-shaped engineer that worked as Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Head of the technical stream, Solution and System Architect and DevOps. Had from 3 to ~40 people under management with 1 to 6 direct reporters. I know how to build software that solves people’s need and know how to manage this process. But at the same time I always open to the new practices and technologies. Have hands on experience with basic web technologies such as Domains, SSL, Hosting, etc… Was building microservices on backend side as well as at the client side. My main motivation: being able to create solutions that will be useful for people and see how ideas, plans and decisions become real. My main believe: the perfect code is the one that wasn’t written.
Professional skills:
Recent key technologies: JS stack, AWS, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins
● Recent role: Software Architect (system as part of the group & solution on several
● Speaker at various conferences, Articles writer
● Know well:
○ Languages: JS, PHP, Groovy, Bash :)
○ Storage/Queues: MySQL, DynamoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ
○ Frameworks: Express, Zend Framework 2
○ ORMs: Doctrine, Sequelize
○ Runtime envs: Docker, Lambda, VMs
○ OS: Linux, macOS (dev env only)
○ Auxiliary: NewRelic, CloudFlare, Nginx, Zalando Tailor, Abstract, Webpack
○ DevOps tools: Terraform, Packer, Jenkins, Vagrant, HashiCorp Vault, AWS ECS
○ VCS: Git, Mercurial
● Hands on exp, basic (B) to medium (M) level:
○ Languages: Go (B), Swift (B)
○ Storage/Queues: Postgres (B), MS SQL (M), ApacheMQ (B), SQS (M), SNS (M)
○ Frameworks: Vue.js (B)
○ OS: Windows (B), iOS (B)
○ Auxiliary: Sketch (B)
○ DevOps tools: Kubernetes (B), TeamCity (M), Chef (M)
○ VCS: SVN (B)
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (fluent).


  • Ukranian - Продвинутый / Свободный
  • Russian - Продвинутый / Свободный
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