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Уровень ЗП ($): 3 500$ 2 Года опыта работы Кандидат ID:16750 Киев Дата добавления 5 февр. 2021 г.
  • 2 Года
  • Работа в офисе на полный день, Удаленная работа


Full Stack C#/.NET Developer with 2.5 years of an experience
Participating in the entire development cycle: analysis, design, estimation, development, testing and deployment
Proven practical experience with SQL Server, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Clean Architecture and Microservices
Experience working with Entity Framework, Dapper and ADO.NET
Successful practical experience with client-side technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular2+
Understanding of Scrum processes
Good interpersonal skills
Ability to work individually or in a team
Good learner to adapt fast changing technologies that tend to business development
Professional skills:
  • Back end Development: C#, .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core Web API, ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Dapper, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, ADO.NET, LINQ, Asynchronous programming and multithreading, Regular Expressions, AutoMapper, Autofac, Hangfire, NLog, Ninject, Serilog, StyleCop;
  • Front end Development: Angular, Angular Material, Bootstrap, JQuery, Jasmine, Jest, Nx, RxJS, Redux, TypeScript, ag-grid, HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • Database Development: T-SQL, MS SQL Server 2014/2017, Redis; Software Design: Atomic design, Clean Architecture, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Design patterns, Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Architecture Pattern, SOLID, UML;
  • Techniques: OOP, Clean Code, Test-Driven Development; Internet Technologies: AJAX, CORS, OData, WebSockets;
  • Security Protocols and Standards: OAuth, OpenID, JWT, OWASP;
  • Testing: Integration Testing, Unit testing, NVDA, ADA, xUnit, NUnit; Cloud & DevOps: Azure Blob and File Storages, Virtual Machines; Version Control Systems: Azure DevOps Server, Git, GitHub;
  • Software Development Methodologies: SCRUM;
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (upper-intermediate), Polish (upper-intermediate)


  • Ukranian - Продвинутый / Свободный
  • Russian - Продвинутый / Свободный
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