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As a JavaScript Engineer I experienced various head-aches on "how to make it work" and "how to maintain it" issues throughout past 3 years and yet lots of unresolved problems are to be fought in future.
I prefer clean, well-abstracted and well-tested code that works as expected, since it gives me an opportunity to peacefully sleep at night.
The technology stack of my choice includes:
• knockout.js, Angular, React.js, Backbone.js - as MV* Frameworks/Libraries
• RequireJS, CommonJS - as Dependency Managers
• Bootstrap, Foundation - as CSS Frameworks
• LESS - as CSS Preprocessor
• Handlebars, Mustache, jQuery Template - as Template Engines
• Git - as VCS
• Grunt, Gulp - as Task Runners
• (Mocha + Karma), (Jasmine + PhantomJS + Istanbul), (JsTestDriver + QUnit) - as Testing Infrastructures
• express.js - as NodeJS Framework
• JSDoc - as Code Documenting Tool
• JSCS, ESLint, JSHint - as Code Linters
Professional skills:
Scrum,Front-end,HTML 5,HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,AJAX,Git,HTML,JSON,Joomla,Photoshop,Subversion,WordPress,Illustrator,REST,SVN,Backbone.js,LESS,MVC,Node.js,MongoDB,Responsive layout,BEM,MVVM,Prototyping
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (upper - intermediate)


  • Ukranian - Продвинутый / Свободный
  • Russian - Продвинутый / Свободный
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