Junior Java Developer

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Summary of qualifications:
Three years experience in programming.
Experience in developing payment software.
Experience in writing and debugging multi-threaded code.
Strong knowledge of Linux, networking & system administration.
Hands-on experience with Scrum.
Ability to learn new technology quickly and work hard.
Technical Skills:
  • OOPs Concepts;
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces;
  • Constructors;
  • File IO and Serialization;
  • Collections - List , Map , Set;
  • Access Specifiers;
  • Exceptions - Checked , Unchecked;
  • Generics;
  • Java Keywords
  • Static , Final , volatile, synchronized , transient, this super etc.;
  • JVM and Memory Management;
  • Multithreading and Synchronizatin;
  • Swing;
  • XML, HTML;
  • NetBeans, Eclipse;
  • Applets;
  • LibGDX, Android.
C#: XNA Framework, Visual C# 2010 Express.
C/C++: TVL, SSL, Hypercom Developer Toolkit, SVN, Team Foundation Server, Scrum, BugZilla, Mysql, SQL.
OS: Linux (Gentoo console mode, OpenSUSE console/X mode), Windows family.
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (Pre-Intermediate)

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