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9 Лет опыта работы Кандидат ID:1370 Киев Дата добавления 17 окт. 2019 г.
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Professional skills:
  • Virtualization(VmWare, XEN, VirtualBox)
  • Control version systems, primary GIT.
  • Jenkins
  • LogStash/Kibana/ElasticSearch
  • Docker (basic)
  • Ansible (basic)
  • AWS (using own VM)
  • construction of a network from zero including installation of structured cable network and the active network equipment, adjustment of servers and workstations.
  • choose, buy, setup and update PC and Servers
  • working with the active network equipment.
  • working with xDSL(ADSL, SHDSL)
  • working with the wireless equipment, wireless network planning and deploy
  • RAIDs setup of different configurations for different tasks(Level 0,1,5,6,10) with Areca, 3ware, etc. controllers on UNIX(FreeBSD,Linux) and on Windows
  • VPN Servers setup(PPTP) with FreeBSD(mpd, RADIUS) or Linux
  • DNS Servers setup of different configurations
  • Mail servers setup UNIX based (FreeBSD, Linux) exim, dovecot +sieve, dspam, web access, mysql mailbox db;
  • Web servers setup (apache, PHP, perl/mod_perl, mysql, etc.)
  • File serrvers setup samba/proftpd (including ActiveDirectory authorization, storing accounts in mysql db)
  • Proxy servers setup, squid based (including Active Directory authoriorization, few squids interconnection)
  • Uninterrupted power systems setup with APC and MGE equipment
  • Deployment and using monitoring systems - cacti, zabbix, nagios
  • Backup system deployment (Norton Ghost, Acronis, Vacula win/unix)
  • Centralized antivirus deployment : Symantec, Clamav, Eset
  • Working with GSM gateway Eccom BASIS and similar
  • remote monitoring and administration through SSH, VNC, RDP.
  • Jabber server setup and maintaining software.
  • working with users as a technical support(helpdesk).
  • elecrtonics(pcb development, soldering)
  • programming microcontrollers (AVR, Arduino)
  • Aquainted with OOP, Delphi, C++, Assembler;
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
  • Shell, Perl, PHP.
  • Familiar with Java (Android applicatiions)
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (upper- intermediate)

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