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Technology stack:
- PROJECT MANAGEMENT: RUP, XP, Scrum, Agile, Kanban. Requirements analysis and definition. Analysis of a market and solution business effectiveness. Targets setting. Project start. Project management system selection, installation and adoption. Project monitoring and supervising. Risks management. QA management. Analysis of bottlenecks and solutions. Continuous integration.
- QA Management:
Setup/update QA management processes. Planning, prioritization of test-related tasks. Writing the test strategies. Reviewing the test plans
- SYSTEM ANALYSIS: System analysis of a business, business trends. Pinpointing of bottlenecks. Reasoned propositions on overcoming them, also participation in implementation of projects of improvement. Creation/reasoning/implementation of new trends development projects, branches. Usage of UML and mindmaps for analysis and business modeling.
- INTRODUCTION of ERP systems, WIKI (knowledge bases): Customer processes and requirements analysis. Bottleneck analysis. Proposing software and hardware variants for business needs and capabilities. Introduction of selected solutions. System promotion. User training. System operation procedure's creation and development. Bottlenecks removal.
- STAFF MANAGEMENT: Recruiting, training, staff rotation. Settling of contradictions. Creation of a convenient psychological climate for employees. Conflict situations solving. Creation of necessary conditions for staff education and self-education. Employees training for administering other branches. Development, implementation and adoption of a motivation system.
- MANAGEMENT: Creation of a self-organizing structure aimed at the quality customer service and receiving high profit. Creation of an organization able to manage with the most of critical situations without involving the management. Creation of a horizontal and vertical rotation system. Staff stimulation for constant enhancement of professional skills.
- ORGANIZATION: Organization of short-term (conferences, gatherings, meetings, trainings…) b long-term enterprises (advertisement department in magazine, Internet club branch, branch of a manufacturing enterprise). Elaboration and implementation of business plans. Agreement of financial, time, staff and other resources to achieve maximum effect with minimum costs.
- FINANCIAL ANALYSIS and Metrics: Financial streams analysis. Budgeting. Creation of metrics systems for analysis.
- LOGISTICS ANALYSIS: Depository analysis. Transport streams analysis. Creation of depository overturn analysis system. Creation of metrics system for analysis.
- MARKETING: Fast and affective valuation of consuming market. Creation of external and inside conditions for clients attraction while lessen costs. Communication with potential and permanent clients. Decisions making – correction of external and inside company policy. Control of the location and spreading of the advertising information. Administration of CRM ORACLE. Creation of the marketing, sales, service guidance. Creation of PFD and modeling of the developing CRM system.
- ADVERTISING: Tasks definition. Development of the original layout. Advertising development and spreading. Effectiveness assessment of advertising influence upon chosen market segment including psychological perception for maximum impact. Ability to competent task assignment to designers, interactive cooperation with designers, if needed self correction of the original layouts. Placement of customs in printing offices. Design, registration and sites support. Usability of necessary program package for preparation and correction of advertising: Corel Draw, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MS Word, Excel
- Collecting (improving cash flow and reducing outstanding debts)
- Virtualization (VMware, VirtualBox
- Training: process of sales(including CRM), customer comunication, Redmine introduction
- PROJECT administration: Optimization and support of documents circulation in ORACLE project. Analytical reports on project status. Analysis, publication and support of project’s risks.
- Modeling (UML, mindmap, BPwin, ERwin and others)
- Issue tracking: MS Project, Redmine, SpiraTeam, Mantis, Jira, Bugtracking.Net, TestLink
- OEBS ORACLE user level, CRM ORACLE administrating.
- ORACLE AIM 3.0 - System of management/ implementation projects.
- CRM: Vtiger, Quick Sales, Sales Expert, Terrasoft, MS CRM
- ERP creation and maintainability
- Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc
- Knowledge base: WIKI, Dekiwiki, Confluence
- Office (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, OOO), Sharepoint
Language Capabilities:
Ukrainian (native), Russian (native), English (advanced)

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