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I led the development of a start-up project in the e-commerce, achieved the release of the product ahead of time with less functionality (MVP), but after the launch all the developed functionality was necessary, and the rest was developed based on the actual use of the product. The customer was completely satisfied. Usually, all the functionality is developed and a small part of which ultimately brings profit to the Customer as a result: the Customer remains dissatisfied.

Incentives and qualities:
- The main incentives to work are financial, a sense of accomplishment, and work on projects that create values.
- Qualities - flexibility, ability to negotiate, understand business goals, coordinate work, I feel absolutely comfortable in a team with large loads.

- 5 years of development experience
- Managed the development team
- Project Discussions (startups)
- Design and project architecture
- Interviewing New Developers
- Server Administration
- Development of projects in a team or alone
- Project support
- Java Core: Collection API, Exceptions, Threads, Java 8
- Java EE: Servlets, JDBC, JPA, JSP
- Spring: Core, Data, MVC, Security
- JUnit, Log4j
- Frontend: Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap. (plus a few more frameworks and libs)
- Linux, CentOS, Docker, Jenkins
- Tomcat app server
- SQL, MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB

Thank you!
Important: my skills are focused on developing startups, I have no experience in working with banking systems, but I have extensive experience in the field of B2C, B2B, CRM e-commerce. As well as various startups in the service sector.


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