IT vacancies in telegram!

May 18, 2021, 11:17:40 AM

I would like to receive interesting IT vacancies

Every month, only on the Ukrainian market, more than 8000 IT vacancies appear. An army of IT recruiters posts their vacancies in Linkedin, in telegram channels and sends them in private messages. How to stop all this endless stream of spam, but stay always aware of interesting vacancies ???

We did it for you! Now we collect all IT vacancies and put them on one resource Apeirondb.com . You can filter them on our website by technology, location, employment method, salary level and number of years of work experience.

hireIT_bot поиск IT вакансий

Our database currently contains more than 12,000 IT vacancies and is updated daily. You can also carry out automated selection of vacancies via the telegram bot HIRE: bot (t.me/hireIT_bot) @hireIT_bot. By setting up a subscription using our telegram bot, you can receive only those vacancies that are really interesting to you. Get rid of annoying recruiters and forget about spam telegram channels and job sites. Save a lot of time for filtering and selecting those vacancies that you are really interested in. As soon as a vacancy of your dreams appears, you will immediately receive a push notification via telegram.

You can also register your resume in our system and the employer will be able to find you by technology for their vacancy: Add resume


We make for you the best tool for finding your dream job.

Best regards, Apeiron System team.