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IT work

The IT sphere has a paradox - it is difficult to gain experience without experience. Often employers require a minimum of two years of experience from aspiring developers. It seems impossible for a person who has decided to change their career path to get into a good IT project. We will help to solve this problem, we will find a job in IT with training Kiev and throughout Ukraine. The site contains up-to-date IT advertisements of employers.

Who are employers looking for?

IT is perhaps the only industry where you can quickly advance in the service, which has a high level of salaries even at the start. Therefore, it is no coincidence that one of the most frequent search queries is "work it Kiev".

Often an employer wants to hire a mid-level developer because they are experienced, but not enough to demand the salary of a professional. The employer rarely needs personnel with practically zero experience.

The employer fears that the novice programmer will become a burden on the team and slow down team productivity. Another reason is the fast pace of development, tight deadlines. Most IT projects are dynamic, with teams working in rush mode. Because of this, employers simply don't have the time to train a junior developer.

However, about 15% are ready to hire and train a young specialist. Basically, in UA, these are medium and large IT companies that have the resources thanks to which a beginner can become a professional. We just offer work in Kiev IT without experience. You can apply an appropriate filter with experience when searching for an IT vacancy. Every year our company helps candidates find it vacancies with the possibility of further professional growth.

Work without experience

Finding your first job in Kiev without experience can take some time. Therefore, do not despair when you get rejected for the first time. If you need a job in it with training Kiev, and you not only want to find it, but find it as quickly as possible, while ensuring that the employer is a proven, reliable one, then contact us.

We will tell you how to write a resume, what skills to indicate in order to find your first IT job in Kiev. A fresh look at the labor market, modern technologies, allows you to look for proposals that optimally reveal your potential. Managers will help the candidate until he concludes an employment contract.

Direct contact with employers not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe. We use a different search approach for each client. We are engaged in a narrow direction - only IT vacancies.

The search system allows you to customize filters, for example: city, desired salary, education, technology, knowledge of English. Here, among the thousands of offers, you can easily find Kiev IT work without experience, in large-scale IT or telecom projects. Each vacancy is checked for relevance and the date of posting the vacancy is indicated.

The site has a section in your personal account, where you can post ads for IT work. The new Telegram channel (@hireIT_bot) allows you to receive the most relevant business offers.

The IT market is constantly experiencing a growing shortage of programmers, and the need for new employees is enormous. Therefore, you will definitely quickly find a job in IT with training in Kiev.